Gamucci an E-Cigarette

>> Friday, November 28, 2008

Gamucci is an e-cigarette that looks, feels and tastes like a real cigarette but doesn’t hurt you, the ones around you or the environment. It’s a rechargeable device that uses sophisticated micro-electronic technology to deliver a true smoking experience, only without the tobacco smoke and tar that contain over 4.000 toxins. It contains water, propylene glycol, nicotine and tobacco scent and, instead of exhaling smoke, you exhale harmless vapors. So your body receives all the nicotine it craves but without all the other nasty stuff, it’s a dream come true and best of all you can legally smoke it indoors.

One rechargeable Gamucci cartridge is the equivalent of 20 cigarettes and the device’s battery lasts a whole day, when used with normal use (whatever that means).


Teenage Stories

>> Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Julia is rapidly developing a reputation as one of the leading young photographers in the country. She has won a large number of awards, and her images have been hung in the National Portrait Gallery, London, at Paris-Photo, at Photo-London, and shown at Arles. She has also had solo exhibitions in London, and contributed to a group show in New York. She has also been profiled in many professional and popular photographic magazines.
Julia was born in Bremen, Germany to a German mother and an English father. The family then moved to the United States, and back to Germany, before moving to England in 1986. Julia now lives in London.

After graduating with a Diploma in photography from Berkshire College of Art and Design, Julia spent five years as a freelance assistant. During this time, the shoots covered a wide variety of different fields - car advertisement, still-life, fashion, food, location shots, etc. She was able to hone her knowledge and skills, and at the same time begin to devolp her own unique style.

Uniquely, for these shoots, Julia deliberately select girls who are not proffesional models. Once she has the idea for the shoot, she street casts the models. This produces a slight awkwardness in the posture of the models that enhances the unusual surroundings. Another difference is Julia's use of studio lighting to supplement daylight/ She may use as many as seven or eight hlash heads to achieve the impression that she wants. This combination of eye for the content of an image, the naturalness of the models, the unusual surroundings, the effect of the lighting all combine to yield a style that identifies her pictures.


Gold Keyboard for those who want to show off

>> Sunday, November 23, 2008

If you have run out of ways to waste your money, here is another opportunity – buy the Kirameki Pure Gold Keyboard made by Wazakura Studios, a Japanese manufacturer (who else?). Price $356.

The Kirameki Pure Gold Keyboard coated with 100% pure gold leaf is not just a stunning object of worship. This fully functional keyboard features a base that adjusts for height and two USB ports, plus right, left, and center options for the connector cable.

While gold leaf has a long artisan tradition in Japan, the craftsmen behind this glittering computer accessory have updated their technique for the rigueur of daily use, meaning the Pure Gold Keyboard is as durable as it is enviable.


Hidden Cam When Something Went Bad.......

>> Friday, November 21, 2008


10 Most Stylish Apple Mac Girls

>> Tuesday, November 18, 2008

They say style comes with simplicity but in the tech world, the only thing that follows style is Apple and its products. we have decided to bring in some Mac love for you.

Compiled below is a list of the 10 Most Stylish Mac Girls wearing and modeling around famous Apple products such as the Macbook and mostly the iPod.

So here we go!

1. Cristina Poetto

Cristina Poetto is professional model, an exceptional artist and full-time Mac lover, she loves using Photoshop.

2. Joana Tomaselli

Joana Tomaselli belongs to the seductive port city of Buenos Aires. While she is using an orange iPod Shuffle in the photo above, what she truly loves is her iPod Touch.

3. Antonella Basile

Anto is a renowned model who is currently studying the two degrees of Advertising and Public Relations. Except for her iPod, she loves her Garmin GPS device.

4. Florencia Mallagray

Florence is a renowned model and lawyer, who has participated in numerous advertising campaigns and graphic television.

5. Aylen Milla

Aylen from Avellaneda is a student while working as a model. Her favorite gadget is her personal iPod.

6. Carolina Blason

Carolina here basically works as a model also serves as an administrative employee, she loves exercising with her iPod tied to her wrist so she can listen to music all the time.

7. Victoria Minassian

Victoria is a marketing student who loves to model around stylish Apple products such as the iPod and the Mac.

8. Maria Jose

Jose is a professional model dedicated to her job of Human Resource Management in Cordoba. Apart from doing modeling as hobby, she loves listening to music on her black iPod classic.

9. Conz

Conz from Buenos Aires is one of the ever stylish models who love to spend time using Apple products, especially the iPhone.

10. Valentina Moisseeva

Valentina is originally from Astrakhan, Russia and works professionally as a model, she loves using her 4th generation iPod nano.


Upside Down Funny Landings

>> Monday, November 17, 2008


Interesting Mode of Payment

>> Thursday, November 13, 2008


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